Daniel Shin
Team Member

I want you to just come up to me and take a guess at:

  1. Where I’m from
  2. Where I was born

I’ll be impressed if you get both right.

Denise Van Sydenborgh
Team Member

Hey all, I come from the enchanting town of Grimsby. As a recent graduate of Mohawk College’s Biotechnology program, I am aspiring to become a forensic lab technician. I took a course out in Utah for Latent Print Examination and I lived in Pennsylvania for 3 months working with the Berks County Detectives. Needless to say, I developed a soft spot for the States and I love travelling through them, seeing amazing parts of God’s creation, and meeting Christians from all over. You will probably find me at a Roots conference talking and laughing with all sorts of new people. Socializing is my favourite part of those events! I also enjoy playing volleyball, skiing, and camping.

Jeremy Segstro
Team Secretary

Hello all,

I am originally from Winnipeg Manitoba, and I came to Hamilton in August 2015 to study at the Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary.  I have a passion for the Lord, and desire to serve Him with my whole being.  He has granted me a special interest in the youth of our churches, and so I love being on the ROOTS team, able to plan conferences, retreats and events in order to make connections between the youth, and prepare them all for a life of fulfilling service to our great God.  I love to explore God’s creation through hiking and climbing.  God has granted us a beautiful creation to enjoy and worship Him through, so let’s do that in every area of our lives, through singing, learning, praying, and devoting each day of our lives to serving Him in holiness.

Joe Jonker
Team Member

Hey there! I come from the small town of Grand Valley ON. I joined Roots in February 2016. I go to school at Sheridan College for Interaction Design (look it up :P). My favourite part of Roots events is socializing. It’s great to see people who generally don’t see each other often meet and get to know one another. I enjoy a good game of hockey, and skiing when I have the time. Come out to the next conference and say hi! God Bless!

Melissa Krikke
Team Member

Hey! I was born and raised in Burlington, Ont. I am a full-time journalism student from Humber College, and write from multiple publications. I joined the ROOTS team to become a part of a group of individuals who are actively working to serve and praise Our Creator. My favourite part of conferences and worship evenings is the opportunity to grow with fellow believers.

Nick Mills
Team Chairman

Hey everyone! I hail from the city of Guelph where I was born and have lived my whole life. My favorite part of a conference would have to be the singing. It is such a blast to hear so many young people singing praise to our God. The second best part are the mealtimes! You can never go wrong with good food. At a conference I am most likely to be found running around doing last minute preparations for the next activity. If you can’t find me there it probably mean I am sleeping in the ROOTS room 🙂 My favorite activities include volleyball, basketball, and reading.

Rebecca Vis
Team Treasurer

Hi there!

I live in a country home just outside the small town of Smithville, where I’ve lived my entire life. I make the trek out to Burlington everyday where I work as a physiotherapist assistant at a rehab clinic. I love my job and the opportunity it allows me to help others lead a healthy and active lifestyle – something I’m also very passionate about myself. I love to get outside and get moving, whether it be going for a run, a bike ride, or participating in some sort of sporting activity. Another thing that is very important to me is music. Breaking out my guitar and singing along is one of my favourite pastimes, which is why singing praise to God our Father along with my fellow believers is one of the things I love most about Roots events.