We are glad to announce that Grassie Covenant Canadian Reformed Church is hosting the Spring Conference.

Theme: Bearing Fruit

When: May 6 and 7 Registration opens at 7pm

Where: Friday evening at Covenant Canadian Reformed Church (480 Woolverton Road, Grimsby) and Saturday at John Calvin School (320 Station St, Smithville)

Cost: $35 at the door $30 if you preregister below.

Banquet Theme:  World Cup

Preregistration is now closed. But you can easy just register at the door. See you there 🙂

Take a look at our workshops and try pick ones your would like to attend.

Bearing Fruit in Apologetics – Dr. van Raalte
Defending and Explaining Your Faith: Apologetics

One of the fruits of abiding in Christ—and something that also helps us abide in Christ—is the activity of talking openly about our faith. In this workshop, the group will explore ways to respond to the kinds of objections and questions that unbelievers bring against Christians today. Our workshop leader, Dr. Van Raalte, teaches apologetics at the Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary and loves to talk about his faith. Come to share your experiences and grow together.

Bearing Fruit in Engaging with Christian and non-Christian Literature – Rev. R. Kampen

Join in for a discussion on how a Christian may bear more fruit by…reading! Might there be a distinctly Christian way to think about books and reading? Is it disobedient to the Lord to read non-Christian books, or can it be considered godly activity? What’s a right way to approach reading when “Of making many books there is no end, and much study is a weariness of the flesh” (Eccl.12:12)?

Bearing Fruit with your Financial Gifts – Alan Datema

It is difficult for some people to think of God as being involved with their finances, but the Bible reveals that the Lord plays an important role with our money and possessions.  God is the giver of all gifts, including our spiritual, physical, and financial gifts.  In this workshop we hope to explore some practical applications of the sort of faithful stewardship God demands of us and of the gifts He has given us.

Bearing Fruit in Secular Education – Dr. Christine van Halen-Faber

How might we celebrate the fruit of the Spirit in our lives as we attend a post-secondary, secular educational setting? In this workshop, we’ll get to know each other as fellow believers who are in (or who may be interested in going to) a secular College or University. I’ll be happy to share my story (McMaster, Brock, and University of Toronto) before we brainstorm different ideas that might work for you. We’ll conclude the workshop by sharing ways in which the light of God’s Word will shine brightly on your learning path in a secular institution.

Bearing Fruit in your “Free” time – Jason Heemskerk

Do you bear fruit in your free time? In this workshop we will first work to build an understanding of what free time looks like. Then, through activities, conversation and laughter, we will better understand how that time may be used to bear fruit for your Lord, your neighbour and yourself.

Bearing Fruit through studying God’s Word. – Ken Bergsma

What does your devotional time look like? How much time do you spend in God’s Word? Is the Bible a living book in your life? Do you understand what God is saying to you as your read the Bible? Come to this interactive workshop to discover how to make God’s Word come alive in your own personal life, so that you can bear fruit through studying God’s Word.

Bearing Fruit of Forgiveness – Sharon Van Sydenborgh

Do we, as Christians, know how to forgive and what we need to do to be forgiven? Forgiveness only works properly when certain conditions are met. In this sinful world, the opportunity to forgive and the need to ask for forgiveness will arise often! Come learn how to forgive so that you can live out your life in joy, and not in bitterness.

Bearing Fruit in a Sex-Crazed Culture (guys only) – Mark Wanders

Join in this workshop as we’ll talk openly about the culture we live in, how it might affect us, and how that relates to us bearing fruit in Jesus Christ.  Primarily a workshop geared towards guys, you’ll walk out with an increased awareness and capacity to thrive bearing fruit in the culture we live in.

Bearing Fruit Despite the Thorns- Theresa Post

Do you, or someone you know, struggle with feeling capable of bearing fruit for the Lord because of thorns (challenges) in your life? Thorns in life come in all shapes and sizes; many of them are external thorns such as relationship issues, school and work challenges, or even financial burdens. This workshop, however, will focus on inner personal thorns, specifically anxiety, that keep us and/or our loved ones from feeling capable of ‘bearing fruit’. Come on out to discuss how to recognize anxiety and how it can paralyze some people in their daily life and then how we can help them/ourselves to move forward and bear fruit amidst the thorns.

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